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What is a Charter Stallion?

​A stallion that is bought in by the stallion owner, and owns the spot. The charter stallion are only stallions bought in our inaugural year 2023! (Before our first event - May 9, 2023)


Stallion Owners who purchased a share, thereby enrolling their stallion into Royal Crown Canada Futurities program in 2023 have secured Royal Crown Canada Futurities eligibility for offspring of that stallion for life. Beginning in 2023 (our inaugural year), anything bred in 2023 (2024 foal) and prior. As long as they continue to sustain their share each year, they will continue to have foals gaining lifetime eligibility.

If a stallion that is bought in by the stallion owner and becomes a chartered stallion chooses to lease/rent their Junior or Senior stallion spot. This stallion that leases/rents does not receive chartered rights as they are not the share owner. 

Stallion Owners are only paid Stallion money the years that the stallion is bought into the program

If you have questions about this please contact us!

Barrel / Roping
Charter Stallions

Roping Only
Charter Stallions

Wood Be Stunning
SJR Metallic Oak
Smooth Cat Rey
Rockem Sockem Rey
Reys From Heaven
Northern Diamond Cat
Mamas Jazzy Rey
JT Kill The Lights
JT Dry Doc Hickory
JL More Than A Fling
He Be Stylish
Frenchmans Fortune
Eyem Still Smokin
Blue Ice Boon
Bit Of Blue Hickory
A Nick Of Honor
Charter Stallions List
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Dropped Stallions

Dropped Stallions List

Dropped Barrel/Roping Stallions

Dropped Barrel/Roping Stallions
Dropped Roping Only Stallions
Foal Eligibility For Life

DroppedRoping Only Stallions

Dropped Stallion
Years Paid In
Foal Eligibility For Life
Foals born in 2024. Anything competed on in the futurity in 2023.
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