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Stallion Slot

Barrel Stallions: There will be 100 stallion spots sold at $12,500cdn a share per year. 

Roping Only Stallions: There will be 100 stallion spots at $6,250cdn a share per year

o Each spot will count as one share in Royal Crown Canada Futurities

o Each share is owned by whoever bought that spot, they can do whatever they choose with that spot. They can sell it, sell their stallion with the share or they can sell just their stallion and keep the share to put a new stallion into.

o A spot will only open up on the waiting list if someone defaults on payment or gives up their position. The spot will first go to current junior/senior stallions, and then to the waiting list.

o All stallions that were bought in during the inaugural year by stallion owners themselves (Before our first event May 9, 2023), (not investor bought in - this includes for example: A Jr. stallion leasing/renting the Jr. spot from a Sr. stallion) for 2023 are eligible for life from 2024 (bred in 2023) foals and up. We appreciate you taking the leap with us and believing in the Royal Crown Canada program!

o Horses that are sold through the Royal Crown Canada Futurities Horse Sale are eligible for life.

o If your horse runs in the Royal Crown Canada futurity or derby, they are eligible for life.

o All new stallions that are bought in, and are not a charter stallion, in 2023: only the colts bred in 2023 (2024 foals) are eligible for life and the colts that run in the futurity in 2023 are eligible for life. Older horses are only eligible the year the stallion is bought in, unless they were bred that year or ran in the futurity that year or sold in the sale.

o The reason for this is we feel it gives an incentive for people to buy in each year, not just every 5th year and not every open horse will be eligible then.

o If a stallion dies or becomes sterile the owner has the option to replace that stallion with a new one, the deceased stallion’s foals will still be eligible for Royal Crown Canada; the owner will also be eligible to win the stallion/breeder money from the foals of the deceased stallion when paid in.

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