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Offspring Eligibilities

Eligible for Life


Stallion Owners who purchased a share, thereby enrolling their stallion into Royal Crown Canada Futurities program in 2023 (Before May 9, 2023) have secured Royal Crown Canada Futurities eligibility for offspring of that stallion for life (Charter Stallion). (see Charter Stallion page for more details). Beginning in 2023 (our inaugural year) and for as long as they continue to sustain their share each year.


Horses that are sold through the Royal Crown Canada Futurities Horse Sale are eligible for life. (Horses must be sired by a RCC Stallion to be eligible to be consigned and consigned horses must have actually sold at the sale, not merely consigned.)


Any horse that runs in the Royal Crown Canada futurity is eligible for life.


Any horse that runs in the Royal Crown Canada derby is eligible for life.


When a stallion is bought in, all ages of foals are eligible to run that year.


If a stallion drops out of the program ONLY the offspring conceived in the years the stallion was enrolled are eligible (with the exception of the offspring that earned eligiblity for life).


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