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Investor Jr./Sr. Sire

If you are an investor or own a young stallion and wish to buy in a stallion with colts of futurity age:


Do you want to be a part of the Royal Crown Canada Futurities and collect stallion money? 


Maybe you own a stallion but he is too young and doesn't have foals old enough to make it feasible for you to buy a spot in the program, but you don't want to miss the chance to be a part of this awesome and lucrative program. 


WE HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!!! As an investor  you can purchase a spot and name ANY stallion that is not currently paid in to the Royal Crown Canada Futurities. That's right, you will collect the stallion money that is won for the particular stallion that you choose to fill your spot. If you choose a stallion, we will contact the stallion owner and give them first right to decide if they want to buy their stallion in themselves. Otherwise that stallion will be able to be bought in with permission from the stallion owner. We will have a written agreement for the two stallions that must be signed by each. When your young stallion begins to have offspring that are "of age" you can then place him in your spot. The stallion owner is still getting the benefits, even if they choose to not pay their stallion in or can't afford to at the time. The owner of the stallion would be eligible to bring colts by their stallion even if someone else buys him in.


Maybe you don't own a stallion but still want to be a part of the Royal Crown Canada Futurities and "play the game" without all the expense that comes with owning a stallion, or you are looking for a fun and exciting investment opportunity.  You can pay ANY stallion that is not currently paid in to Royal Crown Canada Futurities in that spot if the stallion owner agrees to it. YOU will collect the stallion money for that stallion for as long as you continue to buy that spot for that named stallion.


Here is where the investment opportunity comes in. Say you own the spot and you pay a particular stallion into the program that you don't own. If the owner of that particular stallion decides to put their stallion in the program, that stallion owner will have to buy or lease that spot from you at the price you decide it is worth for you to sell or any other spot that is available for purchase. The stallion owner has first right to buy their stallion in each year IF there are any open spots or if they find someone who will sell their spot to them. The investment opportunity does not give a stallion Chartered rights. 


Royal Crown Canada Futurities is offering this exciting twist to allow everybody the opportunity to be involved in our program! For more info, contact us at 


Eligibilities and Jr/Sr Stallion Option

Stallion owners who would like to secure their share but do not yet have offspring of competing age may delegate a SR Stallion to 'hold their spot'.

As soon as the share is purchased the Jr Stallion AND the Sr Stallion begin reaping the advertising and marketing benefits.


The Jr/Sr Stallion Option allows Stallion Owners to avoid the ‘dead’ years.

2021 is being used as an example, same scenario applies to any year.


Jr Stallion Enrolls in 2021 and begins receiving all advertising and marketing benefits and can ensure breeders that offspring beginning with the 2021 breeding season (2022 foal crop) will be eligible for the Royal Crown Canada.


Jr Stallion delegates a Sr Stallion who has offspring of running age


The JR Stallion can compete himself the initial year


All offspring by the Sr Stallion are eligible the initial year and each year the share is sustained until the JR Stallions offspring become of age. Offspring by the senior stallions will be eligible for life if sold through a sale, ran in the futurity or derby while the senior stallion is paid in.

All Eligible for life benefits apply for the Sr Stallions offspring until the Jr Stallions offspring become of age.


(At this point the Sr Stallion has an option to purchase a share himself or in the event the 100 max is met, can be put on a waiting list.)


All eligible for life benefits apply for the Jr Stallion when his eligible offspring become of age.

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