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The Royal Crown Canada Futurities horse sales allows stallion owners and breeders that have bred to a Royal Crown Canada Stallion an opportunity to consign their horses and earn those horses Royal Crown Canada Futurities eligibility.


  • o There will be a $300 consignment fee for non spot owners of Royal Crown Canada Futurities.

  • o There will be no catalog fee to SPOT OWNERS.

  • o The public will be able to bring horses to sell if they are by a Royal Crown Canada Futurities stallion.

  • o There will be a $300 no sale fee. 

  • o All horses MUST have a professional picture in order to be accepted into the Royal Crown Canada Futurities Horse Sale

  • o There will be 8% commission charged on all horses sold.

  • o When consigning horses, original registration papers along with a signed transfer form must be sent to us.

Sale Contacts:

  • Clay Ullery 661-426-6664

  • Grady Branden 780-284-2243

  • Katelyn Branden 780-284-8525

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