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Our Story

Royal Crown Canada is a subsidiary of the Royal Crown Stallion Incentive in the United States.

Royal Crown started in 2020 with their first event in Rock Springs, WY,  and by 2021 the Barrel Racing stallion spots were sold out. At this point they introduced roping into their incentive program where they sold an additional 100 roping-only stallion spots while the original 100 spots were allowed to compete in both roping and barrel events. By February 2022 all the roping stallion spots were sold out, leaving the incentive at capacity.

The Royal Crown Stallion Incentive adds over 1.9 million dollars spread over three events each year and the growth of the program has been phenomenal. 


Watching the impact Royal Crown has had on the US performance horse industry left us wondering how we can bring the same opportunities to the Canada, thus Royal Crown Canada was born.

Our vision at RCC is to benefit every part of the Canadian performance horse industry. This includes lucrative payback for breeders, trainers, and competitors who are buying and selling horses. Every part of our industry will experience significant economic impact through being involved with the Royal Crown Canada program. 


We promise you a Royal Return On Your Investment. 

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