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Royal Crown Canada Futurities

We grew up together both roping in Alberta. We watched the evolution of so many things in the last 20+ years. The horses and breeding has not only become more refined, it appears to be an exact science.


Breeders have taken the foundational breeding within the AQHA and created a high level refinement. That is creating the ultimate equine athletes. Simultaneously we have observed two other factors also evolving around us.


The cowboys are finessing their skills. As well as people were producing better events, for young horses.Watching the success of the Royal Crown Futurities and how its helping to revolutionize the horse industry, had us more than intrigued.


How can we get opportunities of the payouts that we have seen payed out in Canada?


Our Canadian industry deserves those kind of payouts. Finally we got to watch our beloved industry pay something reflective of what breeders, trainers, riders and ropers have worked their whole lives to deserve. That put us on a quest to partner with Royal Crown and bring it to Canada.


We are proud to introduce this opportunity to the Canadian Barrel Racing and Roping Industry. 

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